Lemony Chia Oats

Lemoy Chia Oats3

Lemony Chia Oats with warm Berry Vanilla Superfood Sauce….guys, seriously delicious!! To make this breakfast even more nourishing, besides the fact that I used chia seeds, oats, homemade milk and berries that are all super healthy, I added to the berry sauce Boost Yourself Balance superfood blend (that has super antioxidants and nature’s power plants like goji, aronia, sea buckthorn, blueberries and rose hip powders, among other great stuff and no nasties inside).

You know, I always try to squish into my breakfast as much nourishing food as I can, feeling like I wanna make sure I start the day in best possible way cause who knows where the day’s gonna take me and if I’ll be able to eat right. Sounds familiar? Or not… Anyway, that’s why I love having all kinds of smoothies, overnight buckwheat or oats, chia puddings and parfaits…all enriched with various superfoods, berries, fruits and greens. Now that I’m writing it down I realize it’s almost only raw food involved here. I quite rarely have porridges, pancakes or waffles.. I’m probably in minority here.

Lemony Chia Oats4

Now for the recipe. And it’s an easy one, I sware…  though it looks quite complicated.


Yeilds: 1-2 portions

Preparation time: 20 minutes


2 tbsp chia seeds
3 tbsp oats
1 cup homemade walnut milk (use any plant milk)
juice of half of lemon
agave or maple syrup to taste

1 cup yoghurt of your preference (I used coconut)

1 cup berries (I used strawberries and raspberries)
1 tbsp agave or maple syrup
small pinch of salt
pinch vanilla powder (optional)
1 tsp lemon juice
1-2 tsp Boost Yourself Balance superfood blend

Optional toppings: fresh berries, seeds, nuts, coconut chips, quinoa pops..

Lemony Chia Oats5


1. Soak the chia seeds and oat flakes with milk, lemon juice (and zest if you want) and add the syrup to adjust the sweetness
2. Leave it to stand at least for a few hours, best overnight
3. In the morning mix into chia oats 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt
4. Prepare the sauce: simmer on low flame all ingredients crushing the berries in the process. When mushy and sauce like, remove from the flame and when slightly cooled, add 1 tsp of Balance superfood blend
5. Now you’re set and can layer the parfait: sauce at the bottom, then chia oats, sauce again and yoghurt on top. Use the toppings you like. Any homemade granola and fruits would be great, seeds and nuts too. Find my recipes for homemade granolas in breakfast section:-)

Et voilà, a super healthy brekki, snack for you (or dessert to be honest cause it’s so sweet and yummy).  Oh, in case you’re wondering, I added salt to the sauce because it enhances the sweetness of the fruits…


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