Strawberry Overnight Oats


These Strawberry Overnight Oats are such a delicious and super nourishing breakfast, great source of good carbs, that will keep your energy levels stable (and avoid the hunger attacks), essential fatty amino acids (omega3), fibre and plant protein. So incredibly creamy and tasting of strawberries, vanilla and coconut. Essentially a strawberry smoothie/overnight oats hybrid 😉


Here’s another super easy breakfast for you guys, you can prepare in advance. It will take you under five minutes to have a nourishing and delicious meal, that will keep you full and energized throughout the morning. Or if you happen to be in a huge rush, which most of us usually are on week days ;), just prepare it in a jar and take it to work as a snack or light lunch.

The secret to the incredible creaminess of these overnight oats is due to the fact that I used ground oats to get a super smooth texture. You don’t have to ground them though, if you’re not up to it. You can simply go with regular steal cut oats or rolled oats. It will still be delicious.

Base ingredients are light coconut/almond milk, strawberries, oats and chia seeds. I decided to add superfoods to it to make it even more nourishing but it’s not necessary and it doesn’t interfere with the flavour. So it’s totally up to you if you wanna use all of them or any at all.

Baobab is a like a “natural multi vitamin and mineral supplement” with great anti oxidative properties also rich in fibre.

Maca powder, an adaptogen, the ancient peruvian superfood that will give you a boost of energy and can help our bodies regain hormonal balance.

Açai powder is made of açai berries that are high in anti oxidants and promote cardiovascular health and skin health, also rich in powerful immune boosters vitamin c and ellagic acid that protect us against cancer.

I also added melted coconut oil to make the oats even more satisfying. Did you know that coconut oil speeds up our metabolism by helping our body break other fats, and is burned by our body same as carbs, for immediate energy levels. This is unlike other fats that are used last in our organism (and thus usually end up stored where we don’t want them at all). Good to know, right😉?

Ok, lecture done and let’s just do it! I hope we’re looking at your tomorrow morning’s breakfast 😉








Prep time 10 minutes
Yields 1 portion


1 cup almond or coconut milk
1/2-1 cup strawberries
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp maca powder (optional)
1 tsp baobab powder (optional)
1 tsp açai powder (optional)

1/3 cup ground oats
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp melted extra virgin coconut oil



1. Grind the oats in food processor, blender or coffee grinder
2. Blend smoothie ingredients (milk, strawberries and superfoods if using) until very smooth
3. Mix it with chia seeds and ground oats
4. Keep stirring it for a few minutes
5. It will get creamier and creamier
6. Add more liquid if needed (milk or water)
Like I already mentioned, the secret to creaminess is ground oats😉
7. Leave it to sit at least half an hour, best for few hours
8. When ready, stir in coconut oil and some plant yoghurt if you want (I used almond-coconut, yum!!) and top with fruits of choice.

Note: you can sub strawberries with any other fresh or frozen berries

I would love to hear from you if you try it:)

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Maja xx


  1. such beautifully crafted recipe, dessert for breakfast really. just recently found your blog and am a big fan!:)

    1. Hi Lucie!

      Thank you so much! Means a lot:)

      Maja xx

  2. Hi Maja,

    You have a great food blog. Enjoyed reading them. Thank you.
    Re : Strawberry Overnight Oats recipe.
    Where can i buy these ingredients : –
    Organic BURST baobab, maca & acai powder?

    Hear from you soon.


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