Hazelnut Vanilla Chocolate Smoothie

Hazelnut vanila chocolate smoothie 0

I usually make my breakfast smoothies very nourishing and satisfying, like this Hazelnut Vanilla Chocolate Smoothie. Thick, flavorful and smooth, will keep you full for at least few hours. I use either soaked oats or buckwheat as a base. In this one I used rolled oats. I always soak them in water with some cider

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Vanilla Buckwheat Parfait

Vanilla Buckwheat-Parfait1

Buckwheat parfaits are one of my favorite breakfasts/desserts, so creamy and smooth. I paired it today with raspberry chia jam, fresh strawberries, my homemade Golden Granola and a sprinkle of hemp seeds for even greater nutritional value. The parfait gets quite thick if you leave it standing for 10 minutes or so. I love having

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Raw Almond Chocolate Mini Cakes


  These Raw Chocolate and Almond Mini Cakes turned out to be a mini surprise for me. I wanted to create a raw cake with almonds and chocolate but I was afraid It would be too similar to Almost Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, since I started with pretty similar ingredients. Still, I ended up with

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Almost Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Almost-Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Raw sweets are such a flavor explosion, especially the chocolate ones like this Almost Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. As decadent and rich as conventionally made ones, and I’d say, even richer. This filling has such a smooth, rich and creamy texture that melts in your mouth, and the base is so delicious that you could

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Chocolate Rice Cream


  How about delicious creamy chocolate dessert that is at the same time healthy and nourishing? Isn’t that what we all want? This light vegan cream is an ultimate healthy dessert, made only with wholesome, plant based and nourishing ingredients. The Chocolate Rice Cream is refined sugar free, gluten free and darn delicious.  

Golden Granola and Basics to Making Granola


There are endless variations to granola and which ever I made I found them all delicious. It’s such an easy task and I love that you can let go your creativity do it’s thing: play with different ingredients, find combinations you like best. Once you make it a few times, you’ll get a hang of

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Chocolate Chia Pudding

Chia puddings are my everlasting obsession. My favorite breakfast by all means and my “on the road” food during my work travels as a flight attendant. This pudding is such a nourishing meal and chia seeds are nothing short of a miracle food. A nature’s power plant loaded with minerals, vitamins, protein, soothing for our

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