My food philosophy

I can say that I’ve been a passionate foodie ever since my childhood. Always ready to taste new, even “weird” food such as frogs legs, all kinds of “funny looking stews” accoarding to my older sister, various ethnic food… you name it! You can also say that I simply loved food and could eat a lot though I’ve always been a really skinny and bony child. I started cooking when I was 10 years old. Yes, at pretty young age. The reason for that was that I wasn’t happy with food I was getting (yeah… even then I was a sort of a food snob) and also wanted my family to eat healthier, even though we had been eating pretty healthy in a conventional way: we weren’t aloud to drink Coca Cola and sodas, eat salamy, industrial spreads (such as pate) or sweets (only when we were gifted some). I haven’t stopped since and this is how my cooking and healthy food story began.

My diet has been plant based for years now, ever since my pregnancy. And today I emphasize the importance of eating unrefined, seasonal (as much as possible) and clean food, cause to say it truthfully, vegan doesn’t always mean healthy.

Why unrefined and seasonal?
I believe that we should eat the food the nature provides for us in diferent seasons, in form closest to one in nature, because nature knows what’s good for us, even though we have lost all our natural instincts and cannot decide what is best for ourselves. Cause, come on, when you crave chocolate or fast food, that is not actually what we need… We got that, right?
Also ways of cooking and preparing food should be in coordinance with seasons.

I will tell you more about my diet and how it has helped me heal myself and remain healthy and youthful into my forties.