Blood Orange Chia Pudding

Blood Orange Chia Pudding100


We already established my endless love for chia puddings and this Blood Orange Chia Pudding is a new addition 😉 It’s a breakfast to prepare in advance and have a delicious and healthy meal to start off your day in a best possible way!

You know how much I love my chia ((obsessed having it every day kind of love)) To explain why… well they literally changed my life. Besides making my breakfasts and snacks a million times yummier, it literally healed my stomach and digestive system, helping my body absorb nutrients better. One of profs that it’s almost magical is that it got my iron levels to an excellent level only in matter of a few months after starting having it regularly. Do you know what that means? It means that I’m now feeling more energized and strong, instead of sluggish and tired. For simple reason, because the hemoglobin transfers the oxygen to our body cells, making us more alert and stronger. So…take you chia guys! Ok, lecture done for today😜

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Back to this pudding. It is so refreshing and zesty and yes, I am #inlove!
I must say, that soaking the seeds in freshly squeezed orange juice provides completely different result compared to soaking in milk. And gives so much flavor! You really do not even need to add any fruits to this one. It tastes so good by itself. Needs no sweetening at all and if you wish you can add superfoods to it to get even ore nutrients in a meal. Try Acai powder or Baobab powder. They both have a nice flavour and are bursting with array of vitamins, minerals, phyto phenols and fibre…


Preparation: 10 minutes
1 portion

1/2 cup freshly squeezed blood orange juice
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup plant yoghurt (coconut, soy, oat or if using dairy, go for greek)


1. Soak the seeds with juice and stir a few times until the liquid starts to thicken.
2. Leave to soak for at least half hour, ideally for 2-3 hours or overnight
3. Mix with yoghurt.

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